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We have to talk about our smartphone use.

📲 Our smartphone does not have the best reputation.

But it should have. Because it improves our lives in so many ways. It's a great feeling to have the knowledge of the world within reach. Or to receive a message with a picture of a loved one, especially in times of isolation. Or to immerse yourself in blogs. Or to be inspired by podcasts. In these cases, the smartphone brings us joy and does us good.

⚓ Sometimes it feels like we are drowning.

You will know the situation: you just want to check the weather on your mobile. Suddenly you land on Instagram. And at some point you lift your head and realize that 30 minutes have already passed. You ask yourself how you could lose yourself like that. And then you might feel bad because you actually had something completely different in mind.

If the mobile internet were an ocean, then social media, notifications and emails are stormy waves crashing over us and pulling us deep underwater. With all our strength we fight our way back up, emerge and sometimes find ourselves in a place where we didn't really want to be.

It seems as if we are just losing control over our cell phone usage. Good for social network operators, bad for us. Because problematic smartphone use can lead to negative consequences for our mental health. From difficulties concentrating to stress, anxiety and sleeping problems to depression. Problematic smartphone use is a real problem for our health.

🧠 A new approach was needed.

The common answer to this challenge? Digital Detox. Spend less time on your cell phone. Because less is better; the desire to achieve a better relationship with our smartphone by isolating from it.

But that doesn't work in the long term. Because Digital Detox is not made for that. We already know from our diet that giving up promises only short-term success. Until the yoyo effect sets in and we fall back into our old, unwanted behavior patterns.

And we are not alone in this. In Germany over 17 million people over the age of 16 have tried to regulate their smartphone use better and failed*.

Self-control alone is not the key to success. A healthy smartphone habit needs much more. It must fit our personal needs. It must be strengthened from within. It must not be judged. It must be accessible. It must work. And it has a name: Digital Mindfulness. Or simply omline.

😌 Your well-being is our goal.

This is exactly what we have developed for you with Wellspent. An app that strengthens your mental skills and makes you resistant to distraction. A program that helps you to observe yourself better and find out what is really important to you. A solution that comes from science, but doesn't feel scientific.

Our goal is to align your smartphone use with all the things that are important to you. And we do this in a practical, simple and scientifically sound way. You are the focus, not your smartphone. We are not interested in you spending less time on your smartphone phone. We want to help you have a better time on it: not less but better.

Our smartphone is an integral part of our everyday life. What if we used it to improve our lives, not to distract from them?

This is exactly where we would like to support you.

Our Mission

<aside> 🧭 Ensure that all time on screens is time well spent